CoMMotion Dance Classes

At CoMMotion Dance we put our hearts on the floor. Dance is our passion!

Energy combined with Expertise, Love of Students, Love of Learning, Passion for Dance! We put it together for some serious learning, incredible connecting and tons of fun!!

Welcome Students! Whether you a serious artist following a path to the world of professional dance, dancing for recreation and fun, taking fitness classes to reduce stress and gain tone or lovers of dance born to move.  We are Your Source for inspiration, motivation and excellence creation!

Come in and experience our positive energy and expertise!

Performance Classes Dance for the Art, Perform for the Passion!





Ballet classes are designed to expose each student to the grace and beauty of classical dance. Each class will start with a warm up and stretch at the barre before progressing to center floor work. Emphasis will be on the basic positions of the feet and arms as they relate to proper body alignment and balance. Ballet training gives a dancer the strength and control to execute any style of dance well. Classes are one hour unless otherwise noted.

Ballet for Ages 5-7 Years - This class is designed for the beginning student interested in learning ballet technique.

Level I- This class is for the beginning student with little or no experience.

Level II- Students must have at least 2 years of previous ballet training or have completed Level I.

Level III- This class is designed for the experienced dancer who is able to properly execute intermediate level technique and combinations.

Ballet IV/Pointe- This class is for the intermediate/advanced dancer. The primary focus in this class is expanding ballet vocabulary, executing advanced ballet steps and perfecting pointe technique. Students will gain strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. This class focuses on ballet barre technique, dancing across the floor and centre exercises. This class is one hour and 30 minutes. **Students must be taking a minimum of two ballet classes and have the approval of the teacher before beginning pointe work.




This class begins with a full body warm up using breath and concentrating on releasing tension and gaining mobility. Students will be given a series of exercises that focus on strong placement and ballet technique that supports a contemporary style balancing lyricism, fluidity, and athleticism. The class culminates in longer across the floor phrases, floor work and combinations that utilize the strength, body awareness, and the stylistic sensibility built up throughout the class.

Level I- This class is designed for beginners with little or no experience.

Level II- This class is for the intermediate/advanced dancer with over 2 years of ballet technique.


Combination Classes

Eight and Under Combination Classes


Children eight and under love to move and dance, and they enjoy a changing environment that holds their interest while teaching them to love various types of dance. Combinations for Children does just that. Children will love the art of changing styles of dance all within a technically well taught fun-packed hour.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop

Hip Hop combines jazz and street dance styles in a high energy dance class. Hip hop classes also develop technique, self confidence and stage performance. Students will learn rhythm, musicality, and coordination with age-appropriate hip hop choreography with no suggestive music/movement. This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want to take a fast and fun dance class.

Level I- This class is for the beginning dancer with little or no experience.

Level II/III- This class is designed for the intermediate/advanced dancer that has had previous experience in the hip hop genre.




Full width intro with image background, color overlay and a picture on the left. You can easily change the size of imageJazz dance has several styles and methods, most of which are taught in this class to popular music. Jazz/Hip Hop concentrates on Classical Jazz, Hip Hop and a touch of Lyrical. Classical Jazz is medium paced and is based on style, utilizing both full body flexibility and isolated moves. Hip Hop or Funk is high energy, high intensity, fun filled dancing to the latest pop music, hip hop and show tunes. Lyrical is slow moving focusing on turns, releases and personal expression. All styles enhance flexibility, toning of the muscles and endurance. The class begins with a center warm up focused on classical principles, strength, range of motion and flexibility. Dancers are given simple to complex exercises that challenge these principles depending on their age and class level. Dancers are given center combinations of choreography that encourage individual expression and the development of personal style.

Level I- This class is for the beginning student with little or no experience.

Level II- This class is designed to expand the student’s vocabulary, memorization and performance skills.

Level III- This class is designed for the intermediate student. Students must have mastered a double pirouette, front and side leap and proper execution of jazz movement combinations.

Level IV- This class is for the advanced dancer with an understanding of ballet terminology and proper body placement. Dancers must be able to perform and memorize advanced level combinations.

Jazz Technique for Poms- This class was created for students interested in joining their school poms squads to further develop their dancing, leaps, kicks, turns and memorization skills.




This class teaches rhythm, coordination, and basic tap fundamentals, terminology, and choreography. It combines both rhythm and show tap to music ranging from show tunes to pop to hip hop.

Level I- This class is for the beginning student with little or no experience.

Level II - This class is designed to refine tap skills, while moving beyond the fundamentals of tap. Students will put the fundamentals to work by learning new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations.


Technique Classes

Classes that help build your basics


Poms Training

Thinking about trying out for your Poms team? You'll need technique as well as stage presence.

We strongly suggest taking Jazz, Turns & Leaps, Hip-Hop & Poms. Students should start 2 years prior to auditioning. Competition is fierce, we know, we have trained many of the MCPS coaches, some are currently on our faculty.


Turns & Leaps

Turns & Leaps

Concentrates on the technical aspects of leaping, jumping and turning by teaching a series of jumps, leaps and turns, weight and direction changes. The students will develop balance, strength, elevation and body alignment.

Level I- Level I - This class is designed for beginning students with at least one year of dance experience.

Level II - This class is for intermediate and advanced students seeking more complex turn and leap combinations.


Specialty Classes

Check back here soon for our new speciality class for disabled students! We are excited to bring the world of dance to other-abled children!

Special Friends Dance Classes

Classes for disabled and other-abled students. Check back here. Coming soon!