Whole body vibration (sometimes abbreviated as WBV), is a training method in which the exerciser works out while on a machine that vibrates the body. Vibration training was initially used in the fitness industry, but has expanded to physical therapy, rehabilitation and professional sports. Vibration training is also used for beauty and wellness applications. Hypergravity is the machine that is used at CoMMotion for whole body vibration training.

Hypergravity has been reported to:

  • Tone and sculpt your body
  • Improve both blood circulation and lymphatic change
  • Build your bone density and fight Osteoporosis
  • Boost your body’s natural collagen production for improved skin texture
  • Increase your basal (resting) metabolic rate
  • Reduce the volume and appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce your back and joint pain
  • Dramatically improve your flexibility and range of motion
  • Increase your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) output by up to 361%

Whole Body Vibration: Benefits, How it Works, and more.

A video interview with a physical therapist. (Length: 23:20 minutes)

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Benefits of WBV

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) or hypergravity training is a potential new tool for increased fitness that some claim allows users to burn as many as 1000 calories per session just by standing on a metal platform for ten minutes a day. A vibrating pad creates an involuntary muscle reflex for the user, activating up to 100% of muscle fibers. Traditional exercise only activates 30% of these cells.

Reversing Bone Damage

Originally developed as a means to counteract the effects of zero-gravity on the bone density of astronauts, studies have shown hypergravity to have many positive effects. The lack of gravity in space can have debilitating long-term damage on astronauts' bodies, causing extensive bone and muscle loss. The basic idea behind WBV technology is that since the body is able to react to the change in environment by dropping bone mass, increasing gravity above the typical 1G found in the earth's atmosphere will have the opposite effect. This treatment has been used effectively on many suffering from osteoporosis. Superman comics were based on the same theory: Krypton had more gravity than earth essentially creating a "super" human with muscles able to leap tall buildings and tear the roofs from cars here on our atmospherically flimsy planet.

Weight Loss

Higher speeds on a hypergravity platform have been demonstrated to create up to 28 muscle contractions per second. This is where WBV's potential to aide in weight loss occurs. The contractions create protein mass in the body which in turn increases the user's Basal Metabolic Rate or calories burned while at rest. Some trials have shown that vibration training can increase muscle strength by up to 30% more than conventional weightlifting in 85% less time. And muscle burns calories. Furthermore, hypergravity training creates no lactic acid build-up, which means no soreness or excuse not to use it more than once a week. It can be used at any stage of fitness and requires a minimal of time and effort with results showing after the recommended ten minutes a day. Like most programs, the quick sessions are said to work best when used with cardio exercise and proper diet.

Whole Body Fitness

Various studies have also shown that these platforms can increase flexibility and circulation, increase the excretion of testosterone and the human growth hormone, and raise levels of serotonin in the brain.

A Growing Trend

If you're ready to add WBV to your routine, however, you may be facing a challenge. Though these machines have shown positive results in many studies over the past twenty years and users seem to swear by them, some scientists say that more research is needed. Celebrities including Madonna, Sean "P Diddy" Combs, Claudia Schiffer, and Gaby Logan are said to use WBV training. Yet, few gyms offer WBV machines. Vibration machines are offered at Holmes Place throughout Europe, and David Lloyd and Fitness First in the UK. In the U.S. they are available at Motion Mania in Maryland, Sports Medicine Clinics in Georgia,Synergy Fitness and Sports in Illinois, and the Spectrum Club in California. Machines are also sold to the general public with different models ranging from $1,000 to $4,000.

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