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What are the benefits of small group training at CoMMotion?

Being part of a group makes training more fun! We all look forward to seeing each other and training becomes a social outing instead of just another workout.

What makes training in a small group at CoMMotion truly special?

Have you ever been taking a class at a gym and wondering, "Am I doing this right?"; well, in a small group class at CoMMotion, you are taught the correct alignment and then personally coached to attain the best result out of your time spent training.

Why is Small Group Training more economical than private training?

Think of the cost of private training being divided by your fellow members, making the cost of quality training attainable. For just $150 per month you can get unlimited training with the best trainers in the area in a small and personalized setting. That's less than once a week with a private trainer.

Why are CoMMotion's small group classes more creative and interesting than big box clubs?

All of our trainers work "outside" of the box due to their years of experience. CoMMotion's trainers create and develop their classes and therefor there is no need to follow a set of pre-boxed exercises. Having a personal trainer by your side makes the difference in reaching your personal goals.