Competitive Teams

Do you enjoy competing at dance competitions? This is your chance!


Company tuition is contracted for 10 months.. 


Auditions are required for admission into the program. The ages listed for company placement are an approximation; technique and style are the major variables for being accepted into each company.


Prior to auditioning for a company, please understand that this is a team endeavor. By accepting a spot on any team, you are making a commitment to the entire team. The team's success depends on your presence at classes, rehearsals and performances.

Jazz & Contemporary Company


Diamond (Ages 13+)

Developed for dancers aged (13-18). This is an exclusive and intensive company experience specifically created for aspiring dancers. Pre-requisites: Three (3) years of continuous jazz, contemporary and ballet training and be at a high intermediate to advanced level.You should be in  level IV in Jazz, contemporary and ballet.



Opal Company (Ages 13-18)

Dancers are required to take a minimum of five classes each week plus one weekly rehearsal. Pre-requisites: Three (3)  years of continuous jazz and ballet training and be at a high intermediate to advanced level. You should be in  level III in  Jazz, contemporary and ballet.


Crystal Company (Ages 9-13)

Created to help the young dancer begin her or his journey towards their  dance dreams.  This is the age where dancers are made, not born. Desire, coupled with a love for the art and science of dance hones these dancers on their path, whether they learn they love dance just for the self-expression or they discover they embrace the hard work and dedication it takes to train their talent for professional excellence.

Pre-requisites: Two (2) years of previous training in jazz, contemporary and ballet.



Minis (Ages 5-8)

This company is for talented children who love to dance and are willing to train hard to attain their dreams.  The love of dance is required for this company as well as 1-2 years of previous training in ballet, tap and jazz.

All Our Companies From Crystal to Diamond include Hip Hop!

Hip Hop is an American style of dance. Once thought of as Street Dancing, Hip Hop has many different techniques and facets. We add a selection of Hip Hop training into each of our Dance Companies. When your child joins a company, Hip Hop training is a part of it.



Poms Companies

Cheer!! Poms!! Squad!! 

Let's go Team!!

How you rock the world of Poms is by investing in dance training. Poms has become a dance style and an entire competitive field all its own. Wanna rock your world in Poms? Learn Poms layered with dance and beat out the competition every time! 

We are a multi-awarded facility winning competition after competition in dance and Poms!



Required classes include 2 classes per week plus one weekly (1) rehearsal.

Cost: $2500 Please note there are additional costs for costumes and spirit wear.

Pre-Professional Program

Specifically designed to develop well-rounded young dancers!

The Pre-Professional Program is designed to develop well-rounded young dancers.   Our pre-professional students compete in local regional competitions.  This gives the student an exclusive experience to study with others who want to make achievement in dance a priority. The program teaches the rewards of discipline, hard work and the joy of team work. It increases self-esteem as students improve and receive accolades for their achievements. This exciting program also provides many opportunities for experiencing the joy of performance.

Many of our students have gone on to become professional dancers and over 30 of our students have gone on to college to study dance, many who have received college scholarships. 

Auditions for students 9 & up are required for admission into the program.   Students who are younger are invited to be part of the program when we see that they are ready for this experience.